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The best legal software integration with Xero. Easily generate invoices from legal documents, saving you time and reducing data entry.

Managing your legal and accounting needs with Zegal is now faster and easier than ever.

Zegal and Xero users can now link their Xero accounts to Dragon Law so that invoices are immediately created in Xero as soon as the legal agreement is signed on Dragon Law. A true paperless experience.

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Zegal + Xero

Businesses who are signed up to Zegal and Xero can complete a Xero-enabled document to seamlessly create an invoice, saving time and reducing data entry.

Managing documents and invoices is still as simple as ever. After creating Xero-enabled documents, users can locate them in their Zegal account. The newly created invoices stay in their Xero account for easy access.

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Made by Terry Wong
Added in 2017


Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore




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