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Your business documents hub in your cloud. Seamlessly create linked Xero entries from scanned and mailed invoices. Store Xero reports. Try it free !

Webrecs is a cloud document management, workflow, collaboration and CRM platform which fits YOUR practice. Infinitely customisable yet works out the box. Create, manage and find all customer interactions including documents, email, chat and even video conference with recording. Keep track of everything and, for insurance , make a local copy for peace of mind.

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Instead of adding documents directly to Xero, our app links the documents to the appropriate Xero entry (invoice etc.). Which means that documents stay where they are best managed with full searching, viewing, workflow, collaboration and sharing capabilities. You can also key the Xero entry directly from the document with our smart-key system, using the Xero contacts, accounts and tracking codes - great for allowing data-entry without access to Xero. Keeps your Xero contacts synced with Webrecs.

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