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Simplify your expenses with Uber + Xero. Uber for Business is now integrated with Xero to save time and simplify expenses.

Uber for Business

Uber for Business provides businesses with a central dashboard to manage and track their company’s ground travel. With an Uber for Business account, you can gain insights into how your employees move with Uber, set custom permissions and monitor travel usage, compliance and spending. Your employees can even request reliable rides from one Uber app and enjoy a seamless experience start to finish.

What Uber for Business does

Uber for Business enables businesses to manage how their employees use Uber for work travel. When you apply and are approved for monthly billing, you can remove the hassle of employees manually expensing their Uber trips back to your business. When your employees or clients ride on your Uber for Business account, you can ensure each trip is tracked in the dashboard, within policy and budget.

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Uber for Business + Xero

With a monthly billing account, Xero customers will benefit from one statement that seamlessly flows into Xero, saving businesses time, eliminating manual data entry and increasing the accuracy of their invoices.

Uber for Business gets small business moving with some great features:

  • Monthly Billing

    Organisations have the option to receive one monthly bill of all work-related Uber trips. No reimbursements, no paper receipts, no frustrations.

  • Travel Policies & Expense Codes

    Set custom travel policies for different teams and projects all while ensuring every trip is correctly coded for reconciliation and accounting.

  • Separate Personal from Business

    Request rides from one global app, and streamline expenses with a separate business profile.

  • Custom Reports & Analytics

    Exportable data and custom reports deliver actionable insights and identify areas of additional savings.

  • Dedicated business support

    Uber support is available 24/7, and our safety features help put peace of mind at your travellers’ fingertips.

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I used Uber central for arranging a few trips for my customers in this January and February of 2020. The statement is confusing. I expect the invoices to be in New Zealand dollars. However, they show under the customers' home country currency. I think this happened because the cellphone number used is the customer's overseas number. Out of ten invoices, there is only one that has GST. After reaching Uber Central online support Uber replied: "Uber acts as a mediator and provides a platform to both the riders and drivers to benefit from it. The drivers are individual contractors to Uber and we do not control them. Sorry to hear about the trouble this may have caused, however, I will be looping in our team and will be getting back to you with more information." May I ask in the forum here to confirm if this is true? If I take an Uber ride in New Zealand, the fare is $10NZD. It's possible that if the Uber driver had no GST registration, then I am not able to claim the GST back for this trip? And it becomes 15% more expensive?

Response from Xero

Hi there, this page in Xero Business Community is simply for reviewing Uber for Business, so each user can only comment on here once. To have more of a back-and-forth convo with your peers around this, head on over to Xero Central Discussions (https://central.xero.com/s/article/Discussions-on-Xero-Central) - it's a great place to ask questions, showcase your knowledge and network with other like-minded individuals. 😊
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