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iCompleat automates the whole accounts payable process, capturing purchase invoice data and streamlining approvals, all in one application

iCompleatInvoice is the most powerful invoice capture and approval application that streamlines the accounts payable process to deliver up to 90% efficiency gains.

Supplier invoices are automatically captured instantly from the moment they are generated and sent to the portal. Our e-invoicing portal processes every invoice format, extracting all the invoice header and line level detail enabling automatic analysis coding, automatic supplier invoice reference checks and approval routing based on your requirements, leaving only the exceptions for you to process.

The invoice is then automatically sent to the approver providing all the details, image and supporting documents and can be approved or denied with a single click. This provides full visibility on the status, audit trail and analytics of every transaction in real-time.

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iCompleat + Xero

iCompleatInvoice seamlessly connects to Xero by receiving data (caching) for use in automating the allocation of analysis data onto the invoice. As an invoice arrives, the supplier, nominal code, tracking codes and tax codes can be automatically applied to the invoice and then submitted into a workflow, checking along the way that the invoice has not been received previously from this supplier and that the suppliers bank details are true, accurate and not fraudulent.

Once an invoice has been fully approved in the iCompleat app, it is then posted to Xero as an ‘Authorised’ invoice. iCompleat’s integration with Xero can be activated and deactivated as required. Further integration options can be configured through iCompleat’s administration feature which includes bank detail validation, supplier reference check and payment statuses.

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