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Stay a step ahead in business! Get notified about bookkeeping risks, streamline workflow, and have greater collaboration with your team and clients.

XBert alerts you to risks before you know the risks exist!

The latest advancements in data science and machine learning automatically detect patterns, anomalies, and errors in accounting data. XBert saves you time and money and provides smarter real-time insights and financial snapshots.

XBert is a unique and easy-to-use Xero add-on that integrates seamlessly and analyses your accounting data hourly.

The XBert CONNECT portal is perfect for managing a busy practice or multiple business organisations efficiently. Your CONNECT dashboard summaries the critical information for each linked organisation. Prioritise team workflow by filtering and sorting organisations based on risk amount, risk type, or other criteria, assign an organisation to a team member to manage and create CONNECT-only tasks. Stay on top of your XBert risk alerts to ensure accuracy and compliance, safeguarding the books and your clients.

XBert's collaborative task management tools will keep you organised and up to date. Save time by not having to search for errors and perform manual checks and auditing. When working in Xero, use the browser extension to get notified if there are any risks or tasks associated with that Xero entry. You can also create and assign XBert tasks that will link directly to the Xero entry. Save money by resolving financial and bookkeeping risks before it's late and the money is gone for good!

XBert provides peace of mind for business owners so they can focus on growing the business, while bookkeepers and accountants improve efficiencies, streamline workflows, and add meaningful value for their clients.

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XBert + Xero

XBert automatically syncs every hour with key Xero entities: Journals, Users, Profit & Loss, Invoices, Bank Transactions, Bank Statements. Accounts, Organisations, Credit Notes, Bank Transfers, Payments, and Contacts.

XBert is like bookkeeping insurance; automatically detecting financial risks and identifying anomalies and business patterns. XBert offers total visibility, streamlines bookkeeping processes, improves your productivity and workflow, and allows greater collaboration between bookkeepers, accountants, business owners, and finance teams. XBert enhances Xero's world-leading online accounting software by delivering an efficient solution to resolve risk and save money.

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