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Liam McNamara
XBert not only provides excellent auditing of client Xero files but also is an excellent workflow management system for accounting practices. It is very easy to set up template tasks for recurring work as well as incorporating process instructions in the subtasks. Their chrome extension makes it easy to send specific queries to clients or for clients to send us queries.
Sumi Sivalingam

Great product

I was highly impressed with the AI in Xbert and the ability to pick up on ABN issues, missing employee details and GST coding, to name a few. The workflow templates can be customised to suit your business and I like the various status levels which can be assigned to tasks. At a glance, I can see exactly where my staff and I are at with our work. The Xbert team are very efficient and prompt in responding to queries and I'm glad to have support like that. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to grow their business as the AI takes the fear out of the unknown factors in a client's file
Karla Hourigan
XBert amplifies data integrity and compliments existing processes through real-time insights of the health of clients information
Melinda Watson

Xbert helps our business

We first saw XBert from the Apps Marketplace section in Xero and when we read what it could do, were sold! We were also lucky enough to catch up with Aaron and the team at Xerocon 2019 in Brisbane, to chat more about what a wonderful product this is. Having an audit background, we love nothing more than minimising the risk our clients may face with their accounting records. Our aim is to make sure the details are 100% accurate. Not just for their peace of mind, but also for compliance reporting and lodging purposes. XBert allows us to open the app and view what potential risks exist for our clients. It is easy to allocate tasks, resolve issues and clean up a file efficiently. The time saving for us includes identifying duplicate suppliers, suppliers not registered for GST or without an ABN, as well as summarising the snapshots of the client’s business – showing where the profit is sitting, how many transactions remain unreconciled, and where the GST liability sits. For us XBert allows us to have a better overall view of our client’s business, opening up avenues for discussion to help prevent future cash flow problems as well as minimising risk. Melinda - Books In Order - Bookkeeping
Zander De Klerk

The backbone of our practice!

Xbert, Xero, Xeta = 3X the power of your old accounting firm! We tried Xbert out on a Friday morning, and after a couple of hours moved our entire firm across - every single client. We shelved our previous project management and practice tools, and began our business anew with Xbert. It is flexible, powerful and genius when it comes to managing your clients. The AI tools help keep your client files perfect, and the notifications help manage a large team of people across a massive portfolio of clients. We cannot recommend Xbert enough.
Nicole Lynch
We've been using Xbert for about a year. It has so many great features - we particularly love how it helps us manage TPARs. The constant ABN checking (valid ABN and who it belongs to, it can even read the ABN on the source attachment in xero) helps us 'streamline' 😉 the end of year process. The Xbert team is super responsive, welcomes feedback and is constantly building new and improved features.
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