Utility Bill Concierge

    Utility Bill Concierge is a free platform that can help you to reduce your electricity expenses and improve cash flow.

    Upload a PDF copy of your electricity bill to benchmark your costs against the best rates in your area. If savings are identified, all suppliers in-market will be invited to bid on your electricity supply by offering alternative deals. You can choose to accept or ignore any offers presented.

    "The hardest part of the entire process was finding my pdf bill to upload. I saved $540 off our annual bill and over a week ringing around trying to find a great deal. It was a painless way to save $540 off our annual electricity bill. I would absolutely refer Utility Bill Concierge to a friend."

    - Marty at BlocHaus Canberra Pty Ltd

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    Utility Bill Concierge + Xero

    This seamless integration enables you to have your electricity bills sent straight into Xero, no matter which supplier you use.

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    Utility Bill Concierge
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