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By StockTrim
5 out of 5 stars
Smart Inventory Forecasting software for product businesses
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August 2021
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StockTrim is smart inventory planning and demand forecasting software available worldwide on subscription.

Built for SME product businesses, StockTrim reads the data in your inventory management system (in this case, Xero) and extrapolates it out, dashboards it and makes purchase order recommendations to achieve optimised inventory.

Most users achieve some combination of the following outcomes:

20-40% Saving in Working Capital, 50% reduction in Stock-Outs Save up to 70% of time in PO and Replenishment planning and admin.

Up until now, small and medium businesses didn’t have access to AI driven cloud technology at this kind of price, and instead they have had to resort to spreadsheets and a certain amount of guesswork.

StockTrim is here to save small and medium-sized business from the pain of mismatched demand and supply.

StockTrim + Xero

Easy Workflow:

Simply load your products and orders from Xero with one click, then see your most economic order quantities and optimal reorder points. You can also drill down to see the full trend analysis, adjust lead times, MOQ’s etc.

Smart Dashboard

Get a quick overall view of via the StockTrim scrolling dashboard. Select products and drill down to get the sales history and demand forecast, up to 24 months.

Purchase orders

Again with one click, you can generate a purchase order for each supplier based on your order quantities and send this back to Xero to complete the process there, or you can send straight to suppliers from the StockTrim App.

Built-in Intelligence

StockTrim’s machine learning algorithm automatically figures out the best way to predict demand, then over time it will compare predicted demand with actual to learn and readjust your forecasts in real time for the most accurate trend analysis possible.

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Will Davison
Posted 30 Aug 2021
5 out of 5 stars

Saves on stock outs

Stocktrim is a great app that we've used for our Business. Neil Hammond has given us great customer support while we have been getting used to how Stocktrim works. Previously we have had no forecasting software and found that we were consistently running low on stock due to blind forecasting and doing it the old fashioned way. Now we have automated forecasts for all our stock, lead demands for stock arrival and forecasted stock outs which make ordering product extremely easy to see, long before it becomes an issue. Great app, thanks for all the help and time you've saved us. -37South
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Ivor Peksa
Posted 30 Aug 2021
5 out of 5 stars

StockTrim saves me from stock-outs

I am a big fan of StockTrim. I used to use a monster spreadsheet for my e-commerce stock management. StockTrim makes it much easier, and adds some algorithms to predict demand based on previous sales, all drawn from by Xero inventory. In my first week of using it, it identified a stock-out risk that my spreadsheet missed allowing me to place an order. Recently, I have been adjusting lead times to account for the pandemic-derived delays in sea freight giving me more realistic projections. Takes a couple of minutes with StockTrim, or about half a day in Excel. Must have for e-commerce.

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By StockTrim
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