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Don't just stay afloat. Get ahead. Skippr offers a fair and flexible line of credit that releases cash from your invoices.

Skippr provides a fair and flexible line of credit that lets you release cash from your invoices so you can better manage the ebbs and flows of your cash flow. With Skippr, your line of credit increases as you raise invoices and grows with your business.

Plus, we don't stop there. Our personalised customer service and ongoing support means we're here to help not only manage your cash flow, but to help navigate you towards business success.

Skippr. We could be the difference between just staying afloat and really getting ahead.

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Skippr + Xero

Skippr seamlessly and securely integrates with Xero. Connect your Xero accounts through the Skippr website and receive an offer within 24 hours. Skippr's line of credit updates with your invoices and reconciliation is a breeze.

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