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Zane Mirfin
The best part about Simpro software are the staff. The staff are awesome and we have always had first class service and attention from anyone we have encountered along our Simpro journey. Messages are always returned promptly and there is always a smile on the other end of the 0800 Simpro phone line. Well Done Simpro. We appreciate it! Zane Mirfin, Absolutely Water Ltd, March 27, 2019
Nicholas Kern
DOES NOT WORK WELL WITH XERO simpro tries to force you to use them solely for everything except final accounting. They "integrate" with xero by only sending the invoice amount, tax inclusive to xero with the job number. That's IT. It doesn't send line items for the invoice, to xero, it doesn't send notes from timesheets to xero, it doesn't send anything to xero other than the total price (tax inclusive) and the job number. IT doesn't even talk to xero to get the next invoice number, you tell simpro what invoice number your up to and it goes off of that. But if you have recurring bills setup in xero then simpro does not check and now you have duplicate invoices. Do you use invoice markers in Xero, I use "INV-XXXX" but simpro doesnt allow for that so simpro will only use the "XXXX" you need to manually sync simpro to xero every time you want to send data back and forth. It does not do it automatically. I use another xero addon to automatically email billing notices to customers, to automatically apply late fees, to send monthly statements, and to provide a payment portal where they can make payments with their credit cards, and I have a credit card processor attached to it to. Simpro tries to force you to use them for credit card processing, they have no automated capacities to email late notices to customers, you cant bring your own payment processor, you need to do everything manually with them. Because they dont work well with xero, i need to manually recreate every invoice in xero from simpro, manually copy and paste all the line items, all the prices, all the text. Simpro is trying to do too much and it shows with a less than ideal product. They should let xero do what xero is good at, and they should focus on what they are good at, which is estimating, quoting, jobs, and scheduling. Dont be greedy and let xero do all the invoicing and accounting work.
Danielle Mueller
I've been using Simpro for the past 5 years now and found it to be an extremely valuable tool for our business. I recently implemented in our new business and have started using the XERO integration. I am extremely happy with the seamless integration to XERO, it saves so much administration time. Highly recommend SimPRO.
Rob Newcombe
We moved to Xero a couple months before moving to simPRO and have now been using simPRO for over 2 years.. The two systems talk to each other perfectly and they have simplified administration work for office staff, field staff and accounts department alike. We have automated a lot of things that use to take a lot of time and we now have critical, real time information, at our finger tips.
Kylie Rees
Simpro and Xero, perfect. Initially we had some double ups on invoices but got that all sorted and it’s a fantastic pair!
Edward Clark
I own a plumbing business with a team 30 and are lucky enough to use both simPRO and Xero. We find that the integration is absolutely seamless. They speak to each other beautifully. My work colleagues also find it very workable and easy.
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