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Nick Reynish

Great product & amazing service!

We had been searching for this software for sometime, it does everything we need and they have the service to back it up, nothing is ever a problem and are always willing to listen to our needs.
Emily Ward

Qicworks has it all!

Integrating with Xero, Qicworks now manages ALL our business needs. Job tracking, purchasing and inventory, Invoicing, Staff qualifications, forms and training ... all in one place! AND with amazing support.
Melanie Foster

Fantastic product, Amazing Support

We have been looking for a flexible costing solution for our clients for a while. QicWorks is so user friendly but still detailed. It is a fit for our smaller clients as they grow and our larger ones. The after sales support is amazing, nothing is ever a hassle. They go above and Beyond in trying to fit the needs of their users.
John Mackenzie

"QicWorks checks all the boxes for us!"

As a Job Management platform, QicWorks has the features a business needs. It can be accessed anywhere at any time, is user friendly and extremely easy to navigate. The functions are very good and easy to understand, allowing someone with very basic knowledge to operate with confidence and accuracy. The ability to export Payroll directly to Xero from QicWorks in an automated fashion, is a game changer for us. It has and continues to save a significant amount of time and provides greater work fluency. QicWorks also provides the ability run real time reports at just a click of a button, which has helped provide a true insight into the Business. This has allowed us to create further efficiencies and reduce business costs in areas which were not noticed prior to the implementation of the software. The QicWorks Team have done a great job designing and supporting this software. I would recommend QicWorks to any business.”
Jade Salter-Smith

Simple, easy to use software!

Processing accounts payable has been very straightforward through QicWorks. Invoices are pushed across to Xero within a click of a button. The Module for Training has also made tracking our employees compliance documentation quick and easy! You can view reports instantly. There is a great feature that also sends out notifications when a document is expiring which has been extremely helpful in keeping compliant. I have been using this software for around 18 months now and it has saved me a lot of time. The staff are always more than happy to assist with any issues you may have and find a solution to help.
Darren Foster

Workflow & Job Management Made Easy

I have been using QicWorks for over 12 months now and very happy with it. Good payroll sector with great features to help ease of processing and maximize automation. Good invoicing and purchasing sector also with great features that integrates well and helps reduce processing. Great customer service!! Always listening to clients needs and looking for ways to simplify and reduce processing where possible.
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