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A simple & powerful tool that combines your email, tasks, CRM, sales pipeline & workflows. Integrates with Xero, Gmail, MailChimp, Facebook & Twitter

Ninjodo is a crm with Xero integration, designed to help small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs get more sales, from better clients, while doing less work.

Think of Ninjodo as your business command center, a central hub to drive your entire business from. Track leads, sales, and projects, easily access information and communicate with contacts, get organised with tasks and reminders, send and receive emails one-to-one or in bulk.

Make the shift towards business automation with fully customisable workflows and digital forms to capture enquiries, lead opt-ins, or client and project info.

Ninjodo integrates with Xero to allow you create and send Xero invoices to clients in seconds, even while you're on the phone with them.

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Ninjodo + Xero

Cash is the lifeblood of your business, so getting your invoices out the door asap is crucial. Ninjodo will help you to just that.

You can create and send your Xero invoices right from inside Ninjodo. Contacts are automatically created or matched, and all your invoice info is pre populated so all you need to do is click "Create Invoice".

Ninjodo's email open tracking lets you easily see if your clients have seen your invoice. Then use the "Email Invoice" option to send a gentle reminder if needed.

Invoices are then synced to reflect any changes such as changes to amounts, due dates, progress payments, and voiding.

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