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Daniel Burchmore
Posted 14 Nov 2018
We're currently setting this up. In the trials, so far so good. Although there is one VERY confusing aspect in the HealthKit - Xero setup screen. I understand the 'Revenue chart of accounts'. I also understand the 'Expense chart of accounts'. However, the other 2 are confusing me (and my accountant). Looking at 'Invoice Payments chart of accounts' - what does that even mean? The drop down box only allows selection of 'Banks' that are in the Xero subscription. I am not using a chart of accounts from any bank - only from Xero. Should the field label be saying something like ' select here the place where your payments will be going to '? Similarly with the other field - 'Expense Payments chart of accounts' - should this be ' select here the place from where your expenses will be paid from ' ?? That is my current interpretation. I'm hoping that someone just got lazy with the field labelling and that I'm right about what to put in these. Some clarification would be highly appreciated. Other than this, HealthKit is, in a word, magnificent! Many many thanks. Cheers Daniel
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