Fivetran data connectors make advanced analytics easy by loading data from your applications, databases and more into a central warehouse.

    Fivetran connects with Xero, along with your other applications, to a centralized warehouse. By having access to all of your information in one place, it becomes easy to ask questions that combine data from multiple systems, tools, and databases.

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    Fivetran + Xero

    ADVANCED ANALYTICS: Fivetran loads Xero data into your warehouse so you can use SQL or your favorite BI tool to uncover rich insights across business silos.
    HISTORICAL SYNC: Fivetran captures and records changes in your data, making it easy to query against any version of your Xero account including deleted records.
    NO MORE SPREADSHEETS: Stop using static data. Fivetran incrementally updates your warehouse so that your reporting is always up-to-date.

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