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    EXL Cloud brings you world class reports, dashboards and models in Excel, connected to your Xero data in seconds.


    EXL Cloud (powered by XLConnect) brings you world class Excel workbooks by leading experts at your fingertips.

    Powered by XLConnect, these workbooks are Xero enabled out of the box, pulling data from Xero in seconds. This turns your clients' data into world class analytics that you can share, wowing them while saving you time.

    These reports, dashboards and forecasting models are Excel workbooks, so all your years of experience still apply. No black boxes, all formulas are right there for you to understand. Best of all, you can edit and expand these workbooks to make them your own.

    Excel cloud allows you pull in data from many organisations, to simply aggregate or perform intercompany eliminations. Intergated validations quickly point out if any bookings that need to be finished, to ensure you are looking at the correct numbers at group level.

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    EXL Cloud by XLC + Xero

    EXL Cloud is powered by XLConnect, this allows Excel workbooks to pull in data directly from Xero organisations you have access to on Xero.

    This data is pulled directly from Xero and does not pass over our servers.

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