Virtual corporate Mastercards and automated expense reporting all in one place. Integrate with Xero and save hours of paperwork.

    Instantly issue virtual corporate cards, set spending rules and limits, and automate your expense reporting with DiviPay and Xero.

    With DiviPay, your staff will use the DiviPay mobile app to pay online and in-store and to snap photos of their receipts. Once a payment is made, DiviPay automatically populates the GL code, GST and merchant data and imports the transaction and receipt into Xero for you. Saving you hours of paperwork.

    DiviPay is trusted by Australia’s fastest growing businesses to streamline and control their spending. Try DiviPay free for 14 days today!

    Explore all features of DiviPay

    DiviPay + Xero

    Integrate Xero with DiviPay in just a few clicks.

    Map your chart of accounts to DiviPay’s expense categories to automatically categorise your expenses and export them into Xero.

    Pay for business expenses and snap photos of your receipts with our mobile app.

    All payment data is captured in real time into easy-to-read reports, giving managers a complete understanding of their business spending whenever they need it.


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