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Capsule CRM
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Simon Lever

Capsule is my way in to Xero

I start all my queries and linked reports in Capsule, the two combined are so much better together, and then click into Xero from Capsule as and when.
Cecilia Danielsson
Having Capsule and Xero working together to create invoices for my Legal Consultancy takes the burn of attention needed for stringent accountancy practise, usually gathered over years of painstaking reading through acccountancy guidelines. The two packages work in unison to make tasks such as Reconciliation painless and easy to both enact and understand.
June Cory
Capsule and Xero is a great marriage, we've been using both for over four years....excellent business software and great customer service.
Josh Cox
I have been using Capsule and Xero for quite some time now and found it to be very reliable. The integration is a breeze to set up.
Charles Johnstone
Easy to use and integration with Xero was so easy I almost did not believe it had worked! Having implemented Microsoft Dynamics and then Salesforce in my previous firm I have found Capsule so much easier to use and to tailor to our needs (e.g. they both took over 12 months to implement in a business of 40 people Vs Capsule which took a few days to customise to our needs). It is also great value for the functionality.
Raymond Coutts
We use Capsule CRM for management of customer-related data (obviously). As a mobile mechanical repair business we use individual notes for each piece of equipment a customer owns and track what was done on each invoice. This ties in well with the Xero integration as we can quickly identify an invoice containing information we need then click on the Xero link and select the appropriate invoice which opens in a new window - quick and easy. We make use of the 'tasks' feature to run our scheduled service program or anything else we need to remember to interact with a customer in the future about. Tags are a great way of grouping customers or placing discreet hints about a customer right with their name so we know very quickly. The Xero integration helps with identifying if a customer has an overdue invoice as there is a little red exclamation symbol which if hovered over will display the overdue amount owing - another great feature enabling quick on-the-spot decisions to be made when interacting with a customer. Highly recommend giving it a go - it's proven it's worth to us many times over.
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